This is where celebrating natural hair is NOT an oxymoron!

Welcome to the celebration!

I’m your host, Michelle Bryant, a natural hair enthusiast, licensed Cosmetologist and the Training Supervisor for Sisterlocks. I’ve penned two books, Celebrating Natural Hair” and “The Guide to Success for Sisterlocks Consulants.  I encourage and share knowledge with those who are on the natural journey or are naturally curious.

I have been a natural hair care professional for over 35 years and have dedicated my career to educating others on the benefits of wearing natural hair.  I’m a licensed Cosmetologist, however, I choose to provide the healthy benefits of natural hair to my clients.

My natural hair journey has involved every option available. I have chosen to wear my own hair in Sisterlocks™ since 1999. June 14, 1999 to be exact! (Funny how it’s so easy to remember your Lockversary!) I am the Training Supervisor for Sisterlocks. I invite your questions and comments. 

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